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Product Name
Split Pressure Series Controller
SR81(SR868C8) Solar Hot Water Controller
SR81(SR868C8) Solar Hot Water Controller
Product Model: SR81


SR81 Controller Is The Updated Version Of The SR868C8 Controller .

  1. SR81 - 1.5KW version

  2. SR81 - 3KW version

  3. SR81 - 4KW version

For below solar hot water system  :

Split type high pressure system 

Split type Low / Non pressure system + Assistant tank with float ball


  1. Max.number of collectors:1

  2. Max.number of storage tanks:1

  3. Max.number of relays:4

  4. Max.number of sensors:5

  5. Max.number of visualization application system: 1

  6. FRT:1* Rotary vane type electron flow meter


  1. Size of Display panel (1.5/3/4KW version):120mm x 120mm x 18mm

  2. Size of Controller board (1.5KW version): 187mm x128mm x46mm

  3. Size of Controller board (3KW/4KWversion): 218mm x165mm x55mm

  4. Power supply: AC100-240V,50-60Hz. .  

  5. Power consumption: < 2.5W

  6. Rated impulse voltage: 2.5KV

  7. Housing: Plastic ABS

  8. Protection type: IP40

  9. Mounting: Wall mounting

  10. Operation: 10 push buttons at the front cover.

  11. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ± 0.1oC

  12. Range of collector temperature measuring: -10oC ~220oC

  13. Range of tank temperature measuring: 0oC ~110oC

  14. Suitable power of pump: 3 pump possible to be connected  

  15. Suitable power of HK (backup heating):

    1pc(1.5KW version) ˂1.5KW 

    1pc(3KW version) ˂3KW

    1pc(4KW version) ˂4KW

  16. Inputs: 5 sensors,

    1pcs*Pt1000 sensor (≤500oC) for collector (silicon cable≤280oC),

    2pcs*NTC10K, B3950 sensor (≤ 135oC) for tank, (PVC cable ≤105oC),

    1pcs*NTC10K, B3950 sensor (≤ 135oC) for DHW pipeline , (PVC cable ≤105oC),-  Optional 

    1pcs*NTC10K, B3950 sensor (≤ 135oC) for thermostat function , (PVC cable ≤105oC), - Optional 

    #1*FRT Rotary vane type electron flow meter

  17. Outputs: 4 relays, 

    R1,R2,R3 relay, for control pump or valve , Max.current 2A

    HR relay(1.5KW version)for on/off control of back-up heating , Max. Current 10A ( @AC230V, for 1500W electrical heater,@110VAC, for 750W electrical heater)

    HR relay(/3KW version)for on/off control of back-uheating , Max. Current 15A  ( @AC230V, for 3000W electrical heater,@110VAC, for 1500W electrical heater)

    HR relay(4KW version)for on/off control of back-up heating , Max. Current 20A ( @AC230V, for 4000W electrical heater,@110VAC, for 2000W electrical heater)

  18. Ambient temperature: -10oC ~ 50oC.

  19. Water proof grade: IP41

Display Panel 


Terminal allocation of controller for electrical heater of 1500W


Terminal allocation of controller for electrical heater of 3000W/4000W


Delivery list

  1. 1 * SR81 controller

  2. 1 * accessory bag

  3. 1 * user manual

  4. 1 * PT1000 temperature sensor (φ6*50mm,cable length 1.5meter)

  5. 2 * NTC10K temperature sensor (φ6*50mm,cable length 3meter)

  6. 1 *10A power cable ( Note: controller for 3000W/4000W electrical heater has no power cable delivered, user should prepare a cable of 2.5mm2)

Main functions:

  1. DATE---Date setting

  2. Timed heat---backup heating

  3. Circle---Hot water circulation

  4. LOAD---Setup Loading tank1

  5. COL---Collector1

  6. PUMP---Pump control mode

  7. COOL---Cooling function

  8. AUX---Auxiliary function

  9. MAN---Manual mode

  10. BLPR---Blocking protection function

  11. OTDI---Thermal disinfection function

  12. FS---Flow meter type selection.

  13. UNIT---C-F unit switch

  14. RST---factory setting

  15. PASS--- password set

  16. Holiday function

  17. Screen Protection

  18. Trouble Protection

  19. Trouble Checking




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