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compact and split high pressure solar water heater
Compact pre-heated copper coil pressurized solar water heater IPZZ series
Compact pre-heated copper coil pressurized solar water heater IPZZ series
Product Model: Compact pre-heated copper coil pressurized solar water heater IPZZ series

Technical specifications

Inner tank:SUS304-2B or 316 food-grade stainless steel,Laser welding technology

Vacuum tube:High-efficient coating 58*/1800/2000/2100mm vacuum tube, hail-resistance 25mm~40mm

Outer tank:painted/aluminum-zinc coated steel/SUS 304 stainless steel, free welding technology

Insulation layer: High density polyurethane, 72 hours efficient heat preservation.

Frame: Stainless steel/Alumimum alloy/galvanized steel.Anti-corrosive and Anti-ultraviolet

Copper coil: 12mm/16mm,length 20-50m

Auxiliary feed-water tank 5L-70L

Accessories:Reflector/Electric heater/ Anode magnesium stick/solar controller



Instant heat exchange;plentiful warm water for use

Fresh water quality

Work with pressure

Output water temperature is stable,so it is very comfortable and safe to use

Hot and cold water flow is separated

Copper coil is tested and does not break;high grade materials are used

Works intelligently reliable


ModelLighting Area(㎡)Vacuum TubeTank Net Capacity(liters)Overall Capacity(liters)20GP/40HQ Loading Qty(sets)
IPZZ 47581820-GS/SS2.8581.8/2.0/2.12016522739/96
IPZZ 47581824-GS/SS3.36581.8/2.0/2.12420027434/82
IPZZ 47581825-GS/SS3.5581.8/2.0/2.12520828633/81
IPZZ 47581830-GS/SS4.2581.8/2.0/2.13025034328/68
IPZZ 47581836-GS/SS5.04581.8/2.0/2.13630041423/57







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