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70mm Metal-Glass Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector IPRB C
70mm Metal-Glass Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector IPRB C
Product Model: IPRB C series

 Main Specifications
Inner manifold:Copper heater pipe(ASTM:C1100.DIN:ECu-58);Potable water rated,
Maximum pressure:800Kpa
Vacuum Tube:Borosilicate 3.3 single wall glass-metal 70*1800/1900mm,
High-efficient coating ,Vacuum;P<5*10-3Pa
Heat pipe:High purity&ldquo;oxygen free&rdquo;copper( ASTM:C10200,DIN:OF-Cu),
Startup temperature:~30deg
Outer manifold:5005-H16 Aluminum with Anodized or Powder Coated Finsh or 304 stainless steel
Insulation:High quality Glass Wool (K=0.043W/mK),Average>50mm
Frame:202 Stainless Steel or 6005-T5  Aluminum Alloy
Connection Options:22mm OD copper (Europe)
Rubber Components:HTV Silicone Rubber (UV stabilised)
Reflector:Aluminum component/ stainless steel

How it works:

The heat pipe solar collector system uses pressurized vacuum tubes which transfer solar energy to a main heating pipe. 

The vacuum tubes contain a copper pipe which is filled with liquid. When the pipe is heated, the liquid inside it vaporizes

 and rises up to the condenser at the top, transferring the heat to the water passing through it. 

The cooled vapor then becomes liquid again, refilling the tube, which restarts the process.


Vacuum TubeTankNet Capacity(Liters)

20GP/10HQ LoadingQty (sets)

IPRB C 7019101.0470190010100-12081/217
IPRB C 7019151.5670190015150-18056/150
IPRB C 7019202.0870190020200-24043/115
IPRB C 7017100.957017001085-10089/238
IPRB C 7017151.42570170015125-15062/165
IPRB C 7017201.970170030170-20048/126






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