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Centralized collector household water heating system

1.Operating principle:

In the system,all of solar collectors put togerther,each household have a heat storage tank,heat storage tank has heat exchange device and electric auxiliary heating device inside,control system,circulation device and other auxiliary device,solar collectors which is placed together absorb sunlight and convert heat,temperature rised.According to the temperature difference between solar collector and water tank,Control system loop starting,medium is loop between solar collector and lots of heat exchange device for heat storage tank,the medium uses the water between heat-exchange and heat-storage tank to do heat exchange,then heat the water in the heat storage tank.

Hot water supply mode:adopt top-water type to supply water,to ensure that the hot and cold water supply homologous and isobaric,easy to use.solar system conbimed with normal energy(electricity) to ensure that can supply hot water whole day.

2.Schematic diagram:

3.System advantage:

(1) Solar collector module can be combined by will,according to Architectural design,adopt perfect placement scheme,makes Lighting effect, the utilization of solar energy has maximize.

(2) Solar collectors put on roofing,putting heat storage tank aoocring to building structure and function,high bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, long service life.

(3) heat storage tank householdsetting,household measurement,household control,meet usersdifferent accustomed needs,to facilitate management and maintenance in the future.

(4) Scientific and intelligent control system, realize the heat evenly distributed, constant temperature water.

(5) Effectively solve the problem of high operating costs and difficulty in the central heating water system,when the occupancy rate is low.


4.System type:

Flat solar collectors adopt household centralized heat storage,Superconducting heat pipe collectors adopt household centralized heat storage,U-type solar collectors adopt household centralized heat storage,vacuum tube solar collectors adopt household centralized heat storage


5.System configuration:

Flat/Superconducting heat pipe/U-type/vacuum tube Collector system,heat storage tank,Buffer tank (option),Auxiliary heat source system,Circulating pump, solenoid valve, control cabinet system, piping system and so on.


6.System using:

Can be used for villas, small high-rise apartments, multi-storey apartments for heating water and heating.


7.Engineering case:


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