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Product Name
Split Pressure Series Controller
SR1568 Solar Hot Water Controller
SR1568 Solar Hot Water Controller
Product Model: SR1568


SR1568 Solar Hot Water Controller 

  1. 23systems can be programmer

  2. RS485 communication port

  3. Combine with wifi module can internet access

  4. Conventional/HE pump both available on

  5. Support firmware update by SD card or internet

  6. Free offer remote monitor management server.

For below solar hot water system  :

  1. Split type high pressure system 

  2. Split type Low / Non pressure system + Assistant tank with float ball

Controller introduction

  1. TFT colorful screen display

  2. 6 * relay outputs

  3. 1 * low voltage relay output

  4. 7 * sensor inputs

  5. 1 * Grundfos Direct Sensor TM (VFS) simulation input

  6. 1 * Grundfos Direct Sensor TM (RPS) simulation input

  7. 3 * Variable frequency PWM outputs for the speed

  8. control of the high efficiency pump

  9. Data saved on the TF card (Micro SD)

  10. 485 communication port

  11. 23 systems for choose


  1. Max.number of collectors:2

  2. Max.number of storage tanks:2

  3. Max.number of relays:7

  4. Max.number of sensors:8

  5. Max.number of visualization application system:23

  6. Signal port for HE pump:IPWM1,IPWM2,IPWM3

  7. Communication port:1*rs485

  8. RPS:1*Grundfos pressure sensor

  9. VFS:1*Grundfos flowmeter sensor

Main technical data 

  1. Size of Controller: 208mm x158mm x43mm

  2. Power supply: AC100-240V50-60Hz. .  

  3. Power consumption: < 2.5W

  4. Rated impulse voltage: 2.5KV

  5. Data interface: TF(micro SD)

  6. 485 current supply: 60mA

  7. Housing: Plastic ABS

  8. Protection type: IP41

  9. Protection class: 1

  10. Degree of pollution: 2

  11. Mounting: Wall mounting

  12. Indication/Display: System Monitoring Display for visualization of the system TFT colorful and background illumination.

  13. Operation: 5 push buttons at the front cover.

  14. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ± 0.1oC

  15. Range of collector temperature measuring: -10oC ~220oC

  16. Range of tank temperature measuring: 0oC ~110oC

  17. Suitable power of pump: 6 pump possible to be connected  

  18. Suitable power of HK (backup heating): 1pc *220W .

  19. Inputs: 8 sensors

    2pcs*Pt1000 sensor (≤500oC) for collector (silicon cable≤280oC)

    6pcs*NTC10K B3950 sensor (≤ 135oC) for tank (PVC cable ≤105oC)

  20. Outputs: 7 relays for circulation pump and backup heating

    3*Electronmagnetic relay Max.current 1A

    3*Semiconductor relay Max.current 1A

  21. 1*Potential-free extra-low voltage relay(on/off signal)

  22. 3*PWM variable frequency output(switchable 0-10v)

  23. Ambient temperature: -10oC ~ 50oC.

  24. Water proof grade: IP41

Delivery list

  1. 1 * SR1568 controller

  2. 1 * accessory bag

  3. 1 * user manual

  4. 2 * screen and expansion

  5. 2 * PT1000 temperature sensor (φ6*50mm,cable length 1.5meter)

  6. 5 * NTC10K temperature sensor (φ6*50mm,cable length 3meter)

  7. 1 * clamp bag

Terminal connection


  1. T0~T1: PT1000 temperature sensor, for measuring the temperature of collector and thermal energy calculation.

  2. T2~T6: NTC10K, B=3950 temperature sensor, for measuring temperature of tank and pipe.

  3. Communication port 485: ELA485, for remote control communication

  4. HK-A, HK-B:Dry connection on/off signal ports, (HK and HR simultaneously open or close for boiler heating control)

  5. PWM1, PWM2, PWM3: Signal ports for high efficiency pump, detailed connection see below

  6. RPS: For Grundfos pressure sensor

  7. VFS: For Grundfos flowmeter sensor

  8. Input Ports L N: for power connection, L: live wire, N: zero wire, PE: protective wire

  9. Output R1: Semiconductor relays (SCR), designed for pump speed control, Max. Current: 1A

  10. Output R2: Semiconductor relays (SCR), designed for pump speed control, Max. Current: 1A

  11. Output R3: Semiconductor relays (SCR), designed for pump speed control, Max. Current: 1A

  12. Output R4: Electromagnetic relays, designed for control of pump or 3-ways electromagnetic valve, Max. Current: 1A

  13. Output R5: Electromagnetic relays, designed for control of pump or 3-ways electromagnetic valve, Max. Current: 1A

  14. Output HR: Electromagnetic relays, designed for control of back-up heating device, Max. Current: 1A

Main functions:

  1. DATE---Date setting

  2. Light---Display lightness adjustable

  3. Timed heat---backup heating

  4. Circle---Hot water circulation

  5. Sys—Application programmer

  6. LOAD---Setup Loading tank1

  7. LOAD2--- Setup Loading tank2

  8. COL---Collector1

  9. COL2---Collector2

  10. PUMP---Pump control mode

  11. LLOGI---Tank loading logic

  12. COOL---Cooling function

  13. HEATX---Thermal energy transfer between tanks.

  14. RPH---Preheat heating return function

  15. AUX---Auxiliary function

  16. MAN---Manual mode

  17. BLPR---Blocking protection function

  18. OTDIS---Thermal disinfection function

  19. OPARR---Parallel relay function

  20. OHQM---Thermal energy measurement

  21. GFDS---Registration of Grundfos sensor

  22. Press---Press monitoring

  23. UNIT---C-F unit switch

  24. OSDS---SD card

  25. REST---reset

  26. PASS--- password set

  27. Firmware update

  28. Holiday function

  29. Screen Protection

  30. Trouble Protection

  31. Trouble Checking





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