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Product Name
Flat Panel Type
Flat Plate Solar Collector - Blue Titanium Aluminum
Flat Plate Solar Collector - Blue Titanium Aluminum
Product Model:
ModelIPRB E 2.0C
Dimensions(W×L×H) 2000*1060*80mm
Absorber area m22
Absorber area m21.8
Conversion facotr η %77.3
Loss coefficient a1 w/m2K3.9
Loss coefficient a2 w/m2k220.0052
Fluid content L2.22
Maximum operating pressure 1   Mpa
Temperature of operation(-)35~150 ℃
Weight empty33   KG
Absorberaluminum,   δ=0.2mm
Coating Blue Titanium
Header pipe Copper   T2, Φ22*0.6*1060mm, 2pcs
Riser pipe Copper   T2, Φ10*0.6mm, 8pcs
Absorber core welding typeLaser   or ultrasonic welding
Glass coverLow   iron rohbic tempered glass:3.4 mm 
Dimension of glass sheet 1988×988mm
Transmittance of glass87%~91%
Framealuminum,   δ=1.0mm
Color of the frameBlack   or silver
Insulation materialGlass   wool + HDPE + EPDM
Insulation thickness40mm
Back SheetGalvanzied   steel :0.3mm
Cover Sealing MaterialMetal/EPDM+metal
PackingNautral   carton
Packing dimensions2020*1100*90

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