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On/Off Heat Pump Water Heater
5/7KW On/Off Air Source ( Normal Ambient Temp.) Heat Pump Water Heater
5/7KW On/Off Air Source ( Normal Ambient Temp.) Heat Pump Water Heater
Product Model: 5/7KW


1. Mounted on outdoor wall or Ground

2. R410A refrigerant

3. Working air temperature range: -7℃ to 43℃

4. Max outlet water temperature: 60℃

5. Internal water pump is optional

7. Forced defrosting function

8. Automatic multiple protection and breakdown

9. Domestic hot water 

Recommended H.W. Storage Tank 200/300 Liters300/400/500 Liters
Heating test condition: ambient temp. (DB/WB):20℃/15℃,Initial water temp.: 15℃, Output water temp.:55℃;                                                                                                                  
Heating Capacity (kW) 5.17.1
Input Power (kW) 1.21.7
Rated Current (A) 5.47.7
COP 4.34.2
Max. Current (A)7.711.2
Max. Input Power (kW) 1.72.5
Rated Outlet Water temp. 55℃55℃
Max. Outlet Water temp.60℃60℃
H.W Production Capacity 108 L/H150 L/H
Min. Circulating Flow0.9 m3/H1.2 m3 L/H
 Working Temp. Range-7~43℃-7~43℃
Noise ≤50   dB(A)≤50   dB(A)
Connection Pipe Size1 inch1 inch 
Net Weight55 KGS59 KGS
Gross Weight60 KGS64 KGS
Dimension (L*W*H)1000*350*620 mm
Package Size1070*380*650 mm
CompressorMitsubishi Twin-Rotary
Built-in Water Pump - OptionalWilo RS15-6 or Grundfos or Shinhoo
Power supply220V/50Hz
CondenserHigh Efficiency Tank&Coil Heat Exchanger
EvaporatorCopper Tubes&Hydrophilic Aluminum Fins
Four-ways ValveSHANHUA
Throttle ValveElectronic Expansion Valve
Fan Motor40 W


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